Glass Fibre / Ridge Tile Roofing

I have a great deal of experience with roofing. The flat roof is either felt (10 year guarantee) or fibre-glass (25 year guarantee) I have all roofing materials supplied to me by my other well known friendly company Westcountry Slate Supplies Ltd.

Glass Fibre Roof System

A very tired flat roof needed replacing, But after taking the felt and decking off we could see a lot of rot in the timbers.

This had to be removed and tantalised wood replaced.

New tongue and grove decking and then a glass fibre roofing system applied.

This carries a 25 year guarantee.

A good job done.



New Ridge Tiles

Customer wanted two sides of their roof replaced because the asbestos slates had reached their life expectancy.

Removed all slate and rotten timber. Covered roof with new breathable slaters felt. Chimney was also repointed.

Lead valleys replaced and new fibre cement and cement ridge tiles finished the job.


Cement Flashing

Exposed slate as per photos, the rotten timbers can be seen. Replaced with tanilised wood.

Replaced lead flashing and covered corner of roof fillet with cement flashing.


Fibre Glass Conservatory Roof

After several attempts from other companies to find out where the water leak was coming from, It took me just 5 minutes to realise that the rubber seals had become hard and brittle.

The only way to overcome this was to fix decking above and glass fibre over this conservatory roof, seeing that the inside has been converted into a bedroom with plaster boarded ceilings.

Now the customer in Falmouth can rest assured that with a 25 year guarantee no more water will be seen inside the conservatory. “Happy days”


Lead Valley Replacement

Lead valley has been suffering with water ingress, has been temporarily repaired over the years, but upon inspection the lead had to be replaced.

The wood decking underneath the lead was rotten and wet, so that also had to be replaced.

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